Imagine a world where we feel safe enough to be seen and heard.

Imagine a world where we feel like we make a real difference just by being ourselves.

Hi.  My name is Deborah Fay and I believe that everyone has something of value to give to the world.

I also believe that everyone has the potential to change the world, given the right circumstances and the right opportunities of course.

So my mission is all about creating a supportive space where we can safely express our truth and do it in a way that it can truly be heard, understood, and lives can be changed.

I do this by offering a range of compilation projects and accessable self publishing packages that allow our aspiring authors to feel completely supported through the process of sharing their experiences and their expertise.

And then I make great books that become powerful legacies for those who contribute to them.

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Here’s what author Randa Habelrih had to say about working with MJL Publications:

“I was privileged to be invited by Deborah Fay to contribute a chapter to her publication Parenting a Child on the Spectrum.  I was very keen to contribute and I received far more than I gave.

During this process, I met some amazing people, watched how Deborah’s book came to life with her knowledge and processes in publishing and developed a fabulous relationship with Deborah, who I am now proud to count among my friends.”

~ Randa Habelrih, multi-international award-winning speaker, author and social inclusion advocate.