Who Do We Work With?

We publish real stories by real people about things that matter.

We especially like to work with solopreneurs who are ready to take their businesses to a new level and believe that publishing will be the key to the changes they are wanting to implement.

Perhaps they are starting out and are wanting to build a business around their story and around the experience they want to share.

Or they might be established and find themselves struggling to attract the right type of client or the right number clients they need to meet their weekly goals. 

Either way, maybe they are just not getting the traction they want in their business.

They might be:

  • Struggling to attract the right type of client
  • Struggling to attract the right amount of clients
  • Constantly chasing work
  • Struggling to stay ahead of the competition
  • Never quite meeting those income goals
  • Feeling like every day is groundhog day in their business

But at the same time they know without a doubt:

  • They have something of value to offer
  • They are great at what they do
  • They can really help people and make a difference in the lives of others.

They just need a way to:

  • Be seen as the leaders that they are in their field of work
  • Set themselves apart from the competition
  • Reach more clients

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 Here’s what author Julie Cross had to say about working with MJL Publications:

Julie Cross

“It’s been such an honour to work with Deborah and such a beautiful experience for me. Thank you so much. It always takes a hero or a ‘shero’ in the community to get something started and pull a group together and to make something happen and Deborah is one of those ‘sheros’.

It’s an honour to be working with Deborah and with all the other authors at MJL Publications. I love the company I keep and it’s an honour to be sharing this experience with them.”

~ Julie Cross

Inspirational Entertainer, Trainer and experienced Master of Ceremonies