Disruption is not a threat. It’s an invitation to a new normal.” ~ Danielle Strickland

Welcome to Disruptive Publishing

where we show people how to write and publish books

So, what’s your story?

Imagine…a powerful and moving story written by you.

Writing and publishing a book is a really powerful way to reach out and connect with people.

We help people who want to get their their stories written and get them published for lots of different reasons.

We work with people who:

  • want to become published authors
  • want to become public speakers
  • want to start a business
  • want to grow their business
  • want to make a difference
  • want to leave a legacy
  • want to change the world

and those who

  • just want to tell their story

Writing and publishing a book has the power to help you connect on a deeper and more meaningful level with people, and offers a wonderful opportunity for them to know, like and trust you which we know is absolutely vital if we want to move them in some way.

Writing and publishing a book gives us an opportunity to have a much bigger impact on the world around us and it’s a wonderful way to leave a powerful and lasting legacy.

Do you think writing and publishing your story might make a difference to someone?

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Here’s what author Julie Cross had to say about working with Disruptive Publishing:

Julie Cross Inspirational Entertainer, Trainer and experienced Master of Ceremonies

“It’s been such an honour to work with Deborah and such a beautiful experience for me. Thank you so much. It always takes a hero or a ‘shero’ in the community to get something started and pull a group together and to make something happen and Deborah is one of those ‘sheros’.

It’s an honour to be working with Deborah and with all the other authors at Disruptive Publishing. I love the company I keep and it’s an honour to be sharing this experience with them.”

~ Julie Cross 

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Here’s what author M J O’Neil had to say about working with Disruptive Publishing:

MJ O’Neill

“I really appreciated being part of a book created by likeminded people. The book is inspiring and uplifting and [still] motivating me towards greater health goals and the flood of positive reviews has been really touching.” ~ MJ O’Neil