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Photo of Annemarie A
Annemarie A

Annemarie is Dutch but left her country many years ago to travel and live in different countries by herself. She loves discovering the culture, food and the way of life of the different countries. The knowledge and acceptance she has learned from travelling and living in foreign countries has benefitted her greatly. Now she is a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) of 2 living in the suburbs of beautiful Brisbane. Being a mum has opened a complete new world for her! She loves being a SAHM and actively stimulating and encouraging her children to learn and discover. She is also passionate about sharing her story about Autism and sincerely hopes it will help others.


Photo of Leah Adam
Leah Adam

Leah is 36 years old and a fun loving mum to 3 beautiful daughters Tahliah (16), Charlotte (12) and Lillian (10).  She and her husband Dan are very proud of their girls. Several years ago she began the journey to educate herself about the world of Autism in an effort to better understand and help her daughter. This journey has led her to her current position as a teacher aide at Autism Queensland, a role that has given her the opportunity to work with people who inspire her every day.

Leah loves that she has the opportunity to relate to the families that she is so lucky to work with. Her hope is that she can make a difference, even if it is just to one person, by understanding with compassion and without judgement.

Photo of Fiona Amarasinghe
Fiona Amarasinghe

Fiona Amarasinghe is a Melbourne mum, married and with a young daughter who is equal parts delightful and difficult to parent. She has Autism and energy to burn. When not chasing after her, Fiona works as a kid’s party planner and entertainer, running her business Easy Breezy Parties from home. She is passionate about making parties more successful for children on the Autism spectrum.

Photo of Iwa Brown
Iwa Brown

Iwa is a mum to Ben 5 and Maddie 3, and wife to Mick.  She is passionate about clean, nutritious, whole foods and a lifestyle that is as close as possible to chemical free.  She hopes to inspire others to make some of the changes to their lives that she have made and to see the amazing results which can be achieved through clean living.

Iwa is currently studying nutritional medicine and is looking forward to one day working as a nutritionist.

Photo of Alison Carney
Alison Carney

My name Is Alison. I have always been passionate about my family even from a young age. I loved spending time with my family as a child and now as a mother myself. I have three wonderful little boys and an extremely supportive husband.

I work as a lead educator in a 2- to 3-year-old room in an early learning centre. I work in the same community that I live in and I love being a part of the community. I am currently studying a Bachelor in Primary Education and it is the hardest thing I have ever done, but I hope one day to be able to finish my degree and continue my chosen career.

Photo of Jo Christmas
Jo Christmas

Jo Christmas is a Holistic Counsellor, Life, Health and wellness Coach. She has 2 beautiful children and lives in a bayside suburb north of Brisbane, Australia.

Jo has 18 years experience as a nurse and specialised in the areas of Palliative Care, HIV/AIDS and Occupational Health. Jo has an honours degree in Psychology, as well as a diploma in Clinical Nutrition and a diploma in counselling and is passionate about health and wellness.

Photo of Cindy Corrie
Cindy Corrie

Cindy Corrie is a wife and mother and has been a tireless advocate for her son, Joseph, who features in this publication. In the last few years, Cindy has become an advocate for many more children with Autism and their families. She has established a not-for-profit organisation called ASD Learning and is working towards opening a school for children with Autism. Cindy is a believer in education and support, understanding, acceptance, respect and love.

Photo of Julie Cross
Julie Cross

Julie is a professional, motivational speaker and master of ceremonies who believes in the power of authenticity, of telling it how it is, of sharing her own journey and being both brave and vulnerable at the same time. Her approach and personality leave a long-lasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience one of her shows and she has become quite famous for spreading her sparkle (or spark, when it comes to the blokes in the audience). Her core message is simple – encouraging people to empower up to know themselves better, take personal responsibility, which in turn will help them to be happier and more productive in their life and career.

Julie is also the ‘non-award winning’ mother of two boys, one of whom has Autism and it was Julie’s Living and Loving with Autism posts on Facebook that caught the eye of this publisher, and the consistent warmth and authenticity with which Julie delivered every story she shared made her the ideal person to write the foreword for Parenting A Child On The Spectrum. Julie is both real and positive and you won’t be able to help but relate to her message and her example.

Photo of Deborah Fay
Deborah Fay

Deborah Fay is a Holistic Counsellor, author of the book 6 Keys to Happiness and one of the 15 authors who recently contributed to the book, Domestic Detox.

Deborah’s business, My Juicy Life, primarily focuses on helping women to know themselves, love themselves and believe in themselves.

Deborah loves working with couples and families, helping them as they work through painful blocks, and teaching them how to reconnect and communicate effectively with one another.

Deborah is also passionate about educating people on the hidden toxins in their foods and household products, and her desire to help others to understand how these things impact mood, behaviour, learning and childhood development is what inspired Deborah to contribute to, and publish, Domestic Detox.

Deborah has Diplomas in Holistic Counselling, Life Coaching, and Meditation Teaching.  She is a Qualified Pathways to Resilience Facilitator for Teenagers and Pre-Teens, and a Licensed Louise Hay “Heal Your Life” Teacher/Trainer.  Deborah is also a Certified Holistic Feng Shui Consultant, a Certified Member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists, and a member of the International Meditation Teacher’s Association.

Deborah takes a very holistic approach to her practice.  She has seen time and again that when you can combine Traditional Therapies with Non-Traditional Therapies, there are many more opportunities for healing and change.

Photo of Lisa Fitzgerald Brand
Lisa Fitzgerald Brand

I am a Vegan Health Educator and Life Coach from Queenscliff,
Victoria. With over 30 yrs in the wellness industry I now operate out
of Queenscliff and provide personalized Detox Programs to my clients
as well as on going education about chemical toxicity – Inside &
Outside. By that I refer to the toxic build up that occurs within our
bodies and also to the toxic environment we surround ourselves with,
with chemical laden personal care products, cleaning products and
food items we consume on a regular basis. I believes in the old adage
“Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” and also, “You are what you eat”. I use
life coaching skills as a means to clear the mental and emotional
clutter than can also detrimentally impact on our health.. I have a
regular health column in The Echo and other local papers across the
The goal of Simply Vibrant is in striving to educate all people about
the importance of the foods they eat and how this daily activity can be
powerfully detrimental or powerfully beneficial in maintaining or
regaining health and wellbeing. Also empowering people to make
better choices in regards to their personal care and cleaning products
so as to minimise their chemical exposure and also lessen their
environmental impact. I share this information with my clients as they
embark on a ‘Life Detox Program’, alternatively I also present this
information at seminar events and am available as an informed public
speaker on these matters.
I sell the most divine range of fully certified organic personal care and
health care products see in addition
to this I have a select range of nutritional supplements including the most effective and health enhancing bowel cleansing formula and
protocols. I understand the vital necessity of sharing this important
information at this particular time in history. Never before have we
experienced chronic illness on such a huge scale – diabetes, IBS,
allergies, arthritis, gluten intolerance, depression, hormone disruption,
infertility, anxiety, cancer, heart disease – and the list goes on!
The call for this information to be shared has been loud and long and
I believe it is more important now than ever that people become aware
about how to take responsibility for their own health and also for the
health of our beautiful planet. It’s no secret. We now face an urgent
health crisis and personal responsibility is a must.

Photo of Anthea Flowers
Anthea Flowers

Anthea Flowers is a wild-hearted mama to 2 beauty-filled children in a gorgeous little coastal town in Australia. She is an Autism, self-esteem and body positivity advocate, a writer, traveller and pathfinder. Anthea runs her own business and clings to the joys and simple things in life. She is a life, yoga, book, poetry, tattoo, love and joy addict. Her life is her art. She is passionate about changing stigmas to do with disabilities and mental illnesses and to make them more supported and commonplace in our society and workplaces.

Photo of Katrina Fowler
Katrina Fowler

Katrina is a mum of four biological kids, one long-term foster child and numerous other foster children over the years. A single mother now, Katrina is raising her two ASD boys on her own. She loves all sorts of crafts and is starting to make her own non-toxic products for home.

Photo of Letisha Gleeson
Letisha Gleeson

Meet Letisha McCaughey, a mum of four boys. It is Letisha’s third son Cory who has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Letisha is the Founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of The Wellness Generation, Founder of Young Stroke Survivors Support, Owner of Juice Plus+ Independent Virtual Franchise and author of the soon to be released e-book You Are What You Absorb.

Letisha believes that modern day living has contributed to her autoimmune condition, stroke, and weight struggles and to Cory’s developmental differences. Letisha took her health and the health of her family into her own hands by studying Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition subjects, then educated herself on cellular function, how the body works and how to restore the mind and body back to optimal wellbeing through nutrition.

Letisha has observed significant improvement in Cory’s mood, behaviour and anxiety when he is taking whole food chewables and omitting dairy and gluten from his diet.

Due to overcoming many challenges, Letisha is committed to helping others. For each new customer order from The Wellness Generation and her Juice Plus+ virtual franchise, Letisha donates $1.00 to Young Stroke Survivors Support.

Letisha operates her business virtually so she has the time to be with her children when they need her.

Photo of Deborah Jacobs
Deborah Jacobs

Deborah Jacobs is the founder and head practitioner of Holistic Haven Australia currently located in Adelaide. She is a Counsellor and Sex Therapist specialising in grief, loss and suicide bereavement. Over the past decade she has gained specialised training and experience in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention, as a volunteer Lifeline telephone counsellor, then as a first responder with Living Beyond Suicide – a program of Anglicare SA, which commenced in 2008. More recently she has also become involved as a volunteer with the Playford Suicide Prevention Network and helps at the Playford Suicide Bereavement Support Group in Elizabeth each month.

Deborah has a wealth of experience in the disability arena and has come to realise the need to look at everyone as an individual and their issues dealt with in the most holistic manner possible. During her years as carer to Brendan, she was heavily involved with a variety of disability organisations.

Following her son Brendan’s death in 2004 and several hospital stays for hernia and other operations, she realised how many people had their own stories of grief and loss which were still very raw even decades later in some cases. For some it was the loss of a loved one, but for others it was dealing with their loss of good health that they were grieving. It was at that time Deborah decided to study counselling so that she would be qualified to help such people. This also fitted in well with the holistic health approach and her training as a reflexologist and massage therapist, which she completed while seeking the right Counselling-training organisation.

Always interested in writing, Deborah worked as a reporter and editor at two community newspapers in Sydney, and had several articles published in various newsletters and parent magazines before turning her attention to this project. Coincidentally, recent and serious health challenges have called for some lifestyle changes that make writing a good field for her to once again focus her energy.

Photo of Dr Sarah Lantz
Dr Sarah Lantz

We were so grateful to have Dr Sarah Lantz write the foreword for our book Domestic Detox.

Dr Sarah Lantz (PhD) is a public health researcher, lecturer and all round chemical–free nut. She is the mother of two girls, and is author of the best-selling book Chemical Free Kids: Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World.

Photo of Ellen Maynard
Ellen Maynard

Ellen is the mother of 4 gorgeous grown girls, nanna to a gorgeous grandson and wife to a wonderful man that she refers to as her rock. After her family, one of her greatest loves is her craft work, to which she attributes her sanity. It is her faith in God, however, that has pulled her through the most difficult times and gives her the greatest joy of all as it has helped her to realise that everything happens for a reason.

Photo of Dee Moosdyk
Dee Moosdyk

Dee is one of the 15 authors who contributed to Domestic Detox.  At the time of publishing, Dee was 54 years old, working as a carer and living in beautiful Shellharbour.  She has lived there for most of her life and worked in catering until her son, who is now 17, was born. Dee is a real nature-lover at heart.

Photo of Catherine Rosalion
Catherine Rosalion

Catherine Rosalion is one of Australia’s leading Autism specialists. She has helped hundreds of families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to lead happier and easier lives through her own business ‘Autism Support’ Her passion for specialising in ASD grew from working with her first child at 17 years of age. She studied psychology and completed a Masters in Special Education, and has been dedicated to working in the field ever since! Ironically enough, Catherine is also a single mother to 7-year-old Sebastian who has ASD. Both as a teacher and a parent, Catherine has ridden the bumps of the ASD journey and understands the unsurmountable challenges and indescribable joys that can be found along this ride of a lifetime.

Photo of E Sal
E Sal

E. Sal lives in Melbourne with her husband, their two beautiful young girls and their pet lizard. She works part-time and writes to help maintain her sanity.