Getting Known, Being Seen.

I was fortunate to be able to see Mark Bouris present recently and during his presentation he quoted Richard Branson stating that in building your business and your brand you need to seek opportunities to gain “notoriety with affection”.

Given that much of my work currently is with small business people seeking to set themselves apart from the crowd and build more meaningful relationships with their target market through storytelling and publishing, that concept really resonated with me and I understand the importance of being able to achieve that if you want a strong and profitable business.

You can imagine how excited I was then to be interviewed recently by Get Known Be Seen contributing author and journalist, Sally Eberhardt, for an article she wrote for the Redcliffe Guide.

Sally has done a remarkable job of making me sound quite affable and altruistic for which I am truly grateful, and I’m in awe of her writing talents. And photographer Ben McShea did a great job of making me look acceptable. Thanks guys. And thanks for the plug for MJL Publications.

If gaining notoriety with affection is all about lead generation and you need more leads to grow your business, where and how do you need to be seen in order to gain notoriety with affection on a larger playing field?

You can read the article here:

Listen To Julie Cross As She Shares Her Story At The Launch

Julie Cross is used to being in the limelight, talking candidly about her life, encouraging others to let go of their fears and shine brightly, and we have all come to love her for that.

It was wonderful to listen to her read her own story from Parenting A Child On The Spectrum for the audience at the book launch and so many people who were present related to her experiences.

Happily we were able to capture that moment in time so that others could benefit from it too.

If you would like a copy of Parenting A Child On The Spectrum click on the book below:

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