How Do We Help?

We  help our clients to achieve their goals by publishing their core message and their stories in books and ebooks, which in turn helps them to make the important move from a one-to-one to a one-to-many business model.

This in turn increases the demand for their services which speaks to their underlying desire to help so many more people than they can while they are working one-to-one and they can improve their financial position at the same time.

  • Move from a one-to-one to a one-to-many business model
  • Increase demand for services
  • Help a lot more people
  • Increase turnover

Publishing today is very different to what it used to be.  Unless you are already a published author, or a well-known celebrity, it is virtually impossible to find a publisher who will take a chance on you and publish your work for you.

As a result, self-publishing has, without a doubt, become the way to go for many authors who have stories to tell and who simply cannot, and will not, wait around to be recognised by the too few traditional publishing houses that remain.

You will be amazed at the now famous authors who have been rejected several times, and some quite rudely, by publishers. People like J K Rowling (Harry Potter), Steven King (Carrie), John Grisham (A Time To Kill), Frank Herbert (Dune), Rudyard Kipling, George Orwell, Ann Frank, D H Lawrence and John le Carre, just to name a few.

You will be even more amazed by the number of authors who actually began their writing careers by self-publishing.

At MJL Publications, we want to help people just like you to become published authors through self-publishing projects producing a Print On Demand product.

If you believe that publishing a book might make a real difference to you and to your business then contact us now.

  • Be seen as an authority in your field
  • Set yourself apart from your competition
  • Reach more clients
  • Move from a one-to-one to a one-to-many business model
  • Increase demand for your products or services
  • Help more people
  • Increase your turnover
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Become a published author
  • Know how to leverage your experience or expertise
  • Know how to reach more people with your message
  • Give more people the opportunity to benefit from your experience
  • Share your story
  • Inspire, encourage and educate others
  • Become a published author even if you don’t know where to start.

Your story matters and apart from making a difference to your business, it could make a world of difference to someone else who really needs to hear your message.

We offer a range of author services including some new and very exciting initiatives.

Self publishing has never been more enjoyable or more accessible than it is today with MJL Publications.

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Here’s what author Paula Burgess had to say about working with MJL Publications:

“I have worked with MJL Publications on two occasions, one with a group of authors and one for a book of my own.   On both occasions my experience was great.

As a new author who had no idea about the ins and outs of writing and publishing a book, Deb was with me every step of the way and guided me in the right direction.

Deb had my best interests at heart and by the time my book was published I felt that I was completely understood in terms of what I wanted and it showed in the final release of my book.

I highly recommend Deb from MJL Publications to publish your book, she will definitely be publishing the books I have planned in the future.”

Paula Burgess
Beyond the Maze