Julie Cross

Julie is a professional, motivational speaker and master of ceremonies who believes in the power of authenticity, of telling it how it is, of sharing her own journey and being both brave and vulnerable at the same time. Her approach and personality leave a long-lasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience one of her shows and she has become quite famous for spreading her sparkle (or spark, when it comes to the blokes in the audience). Her core message is simple – encouraging people to empower up to know themselves better, take personal responsibility, which in turn will help them to be happier and more productive in their life and career.

Julie is also the ‘non-award winning’ mother of two boys, one of whom has Autism and it was Julie’s Living and Loving with Autism posts on Facebook that caught the eye of this publisher, and the consistent warmth and authenticity with which Julie delivered every story she shared made her the ideal person to write the foreword for Parenting A Child On The Spectrum. Julie is both real and positive and you won’t be able to help but relate to her message and her example.

Here is a video of Julie sharing her story at our book launch in Autism Awareness Month in April 2016.


Go to www.juliecross.com.au to find out more about Julie. You might also like to catch one of her shows in the near future.  It is highly recommended.