Publishing Services

At MJL Publications we are turning dreams into reality with Self-Publishing Packages and payment plans that won’t leave you out of pocket.

We offer varying degrees of intervention in the writing and publishing process, including one DIY Package call Book Club where we coach you to write and publish your book for yourself.

We are also now offering exciting opportunities for small business people to be published alongside other small business people in a series of collaborative projects called Business Warriors.

Below are some of the exceptional options for publishing services include:

     Book Planning and Scheduling Sessions

During a Book Planning and Scheduling Session we take you through a specific process in order to refine what your core message is, who your target audience is, how best to articulate your message for that particular audience, what type of support you will need to complete your book and when you can expect to publish your book.

You will walk away from this session with a blueprint for your book including a 12 month step by step plan of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.

     Author Gym

Author Gym is a fantastic subscription based membership which gives authors access to unlimited laser coaching sessions over the course of their 12 month membership.  The sessions can be used for coaching in writing or publishing and will depend on where the author is at and what they need in order to complete their book.

     Group Coaching

With Group Coaching you will have access to regular live coaching sessions where we help our authors to be the best they can be and get the most they can out of their writing and publishing experience.  This is a fantastic way to build on your writing and publishing skills and address any concerns or questions you have around your own experience.

     Business Warrior Projects

The Business Warrior projects are collaborative projects designed to deliver the look and feel of your very own book to each contributor with considerably less cost, less emotional stress and less time than it takes to write and publish an entire book on your own.

  • Get published in 12 weeks
  • Your picture on the front cover
  • Your name on the front cover
  • Be one of only 10 contributors all of whom are in complimentary – not competitive – businesses
  • Your chapter at the front of the book
  • Only 3000-4000 words required
  • Full coaching support until you get your chapter written
  • Choose from B2B or B2C editions
  • Give your target market a wonderful opportunity to know like and trust you so they can feel good about buying from you
  • Have 10 copies of your book to sell or give away.

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     And for the solo DIYers  we have Book Club 

Book Club is a 12 month membership package that includes all the above:

  • Planning and Scheduling Session
  • Author Gym and
  • Group Coaching


  • 12 Masterclasses
  • Access to a private Facebook Group and
  • Their book formatted into the 3 most popular ebook formats at the end of 12 months.

Click here to find out how you can join the Book Club today and start making your book a reality.

     Add On Services

We also have a range of add-on services which you can access for specific prices or at specified rates.

Editing Packages can be accessed in 15 or 30 hour bundles, or you can pay by the hour.

Websites can be set up with hosting included and we also offer Print On Demand and Kindle Account Set Ups for you so you can be completely independent.

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Here’s what author Melanie Todd had to say about working with MJL Publications:

“At first, I wasn’t really thrilled about the prospect of writing for someone’s book, despite the fact that I am very passionate about the topic.

Firstly, who has the time?  Second, I didn’t feel that I had the writing skills for the task.

However, once I got started I found the entire task pretty energising.  Writing allows you to voice your opinions in a considered way and you may actually make a huge difference and help many people.” ~ Melanie Todd