Self Publishing

Self publishing is not for the feint hearted.  There are so many different types of skills required that it puts many wannabe authors off completely, and as a result, many great stories and many great teachings never make it to print.

At MJL Publications, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to realise your dream of becoming a published author, whether it is for personal or professional purposes.

We help solo authors to:

  • Articulate their message
  • Identify their reader or market
  • Organise their content in order to maximise their message
  • Clearly define the benefits they want their readers to realise and
  • Tell their story in a way that captures their readers and makes them want to follow them to the end of the book and beyond.

Once your book is written we then help you with:

  • Editing
  • Cover design
  • Formatting for electronic and print versions of the book and
  • Marketing.

At MJL Publications, we can do as little or as much for you as you are comfortable with but whichever way you go, there is a way to become published and we know we can get you there successfully.

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Here’s what author Trish Springsteen had to say about working with MJL Publications:

“It was my privilege to be involved with MJL Publications as a contributing author to the book Parenting a Child on the Spectrum.

Deborah Fay was brilliant in her service and professionalism in connecting and providing a beautiful space for authors to be able to self publish.  Deborah certainly knows her stuff – professional, organised, creative and supportive.”

Trish Springsteen is a Pubic Speaking Mentor, Coach and Author.  Click HERE to find out more about Trish