Launch a School Project

Disruptive Publishing are super excited to be publishing tomorrow’s authors today with school projects that offer young writers the opportunity to become published authors in school-driven compilation projects.

If you are a teacher who recognises that encouraging her students to become published would be an exciting and effective way to build their writing skills in accordance with the curriculum, then we need to chat.

If you are the parent of a child who wants to be a published author and you think your child’s school might be interested in exploring a school-driven compilation project, we need to chat too.

Email me now at for a free information pack.

Let me show you how you can motivate your children and improve their academic status with a proven publishing system that is efficient and cost effective.

Our Young Warrior projects are creative, exciting, engaging, and inspiring, and they are helping teachers meet curriculum guidelines in a novel way (pun intended).

We show you the way, giving full guidance and support so that your school can bring the project to life and be part of creating a memorable book of stories written by children for children.

I can’t wait to share the concept with you and help you get started with your first project. They are so much fun and everything about these projects is good.

Email me now at for a free information pack.