ADHD Made Simple


ADHD Made Simple is for anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD as well as those who only suspect they may have it.

It’s also for those people – parents, siblings, partners, children, colleagues – who love, care for or work with someone who has a diagnosis or characteristics of ADHD.

“ADHD Made Simple is a great book for anyone wanting to learn more about ADHD in easy-to-understand terms.” ~ Paula Burgess, Coach and Author



ADHD is a condition that is largely misunderstood and much of what individuals and the community at large think about ADHD is incorrect and carries negative connotations. This is not only unhelpful, it is unnecessary and potentially quite harmful.

In this short, concise, easy to follow book, Author, Dr. Alison Poulton, brings clarity and understanding to a complex neurodevelopmental condition.

It is written by an expert who has studied and worked in this field for many, many years, yet it is presented in refreshingly plain language that is easy to understand.

Just what the doctor ordered!!

What does ADHD look like in day-to-day life?

How does it manifest and does it show up differently in children to how it presents in adults?

What options are available to those who are searching for answers?

Whether you’re seeking self-understanding, trying to figure out how best to help a friend or loved one or just want to learn more about it, Dr Poulton is the person with the expertise and ADHD Made Simple has the information you are looking for.

“As someone who has, for over three decades, followed the large and complex research literature on ADHD, I know first-hand how difficult it is to distil that knowledge in a simple yet accurate manner.  Can we achieve that goal when teaching about ADHD?  Dr. Poulton’s answer is yes and her new book shows that she has achieved that goal.”

~ Professor Stephen V Faroane, PhD and President of the World Federation of ADHD


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